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#FreeFlowFriday newsletters provide uplifting reflections that center hip-hop culture and theological principles. Using hip-hop music as the backdrop, Bridget explores spirituality and race relations, while centering intergenerational resiliency within communities of color. 

Each newsletter is intentionally created to promote joy, theological reflection, and introspection. Join Bridget on the journey of uncovering the spirituality and life lessons buried within the work of hip-hop artists.

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At its core, #FreeFlowFriday draws parallels between the secular and the sacred. Using hip-hop music as the backdrop, she explores theological principles, race relations, and intergenerational trauma/resiliency within communities of color.


Enjoy the newsletters? You'll love Hip-HopTheologian The Podcast. This inspirational podcast was inspired by #FreeFlowFriday's quest for accessible theological education. Tune in as Bridget speaks with guests about theology, life lessons, spiritual growth, personal battles, and more. Available where all podcasts are streamed: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud...etc.

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