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Welcome to my site where I mix a little sacred and a little secular, with a whole lot of love! If you love hip-hop culture, activism, holistic livin', and empowering stories, make yourself comfortable because you're definitely in the right place. My love for storytelling and connection is best reflected in my journalism background--always looking for the 'story within the story' in the hopes of getting to know interviewees better. I'm a writer, music connoisseur, Black culture enthusiast, and New Yorker (by way of California☀️😉). 

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#FreeFlowFriday was created to share uplifting reflections that center hip-hop culture and theological principles. Each month an artist is selected and we explore the theological principles within their work. Visit Bridget's Blog for personal lifestyle reflections.

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#FreeFlowFriday Spotlight

At its core, #FreeFlowFriday draws parallels between the secular and the sacred. Using hip-hop music as the backdrop, Bridget explores theological principles, race relations, and intergenerational trauma/resiliency within communities of color.

Enjoy the newsletters? You'll love Hip-Hop Theologian The Podcast. This inspirational podcast was inspired by #FreeFlowFriday's quest for accessible theological education. Tune in as Bridget speaks with guests about theology, life lessons, spiritual evolutions, personal battles, and more. Available where all podcasts are streamed: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud...etc.

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Editorials, 'on-deadline' pieces, and photojournalism

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Lighthearted local and national news.

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News stories range from covering fire and crime and car accidents.

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Meet 'hometown heroes' from Bridget's Central California hometown.

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Exploring theology, Caribbean culture, decolonization, and spirituality in Union Theological Seminary's Digital Magazine: Caribbean Power.

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Bridget is a lover of womanism, hip-hop culture, and all things storytelling. Bridget’s passion for Black curriculum and hip-hop studies was ignited while earning her B.A. in Communications Studies.

While ample amounts of her past research centered around examining hip-hop music as a social/racial commentary through the work of the rapper turned political figure Tupac Shakur, her most recent work deals primarily in studying womanism, liberation theology, and intergenerational trauma in the Black community. Bridget now holds a Master's Degree from Columbia University in Psychology and Religion.

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New York City

"Hip-hop isn't just music, it is also a spiritual movement"

Ms. Lauryn Hill

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