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Artists on Repeat: October Edition

4 artists that’s been on my playlist HEAVY lately have been Roddy Ricch, Maleek Berry, Melii, and Rosalía. Y’all vibe with their songs too?

I know I can’t be the only one with a wide range of songs on their playlist...

I grew up in an area that was very culturally diverse, so I learned from an early age to appreciate music from all cultures. Between my family and friends, I could go from hearing Motown hits to Jimmy Buffet to Selena to Mariah Carey to Tracy Chapman to Kirk Franklin to Sean Paul in a single afternoon. That love for music and the various forms it comes in is something I carry with my even in adulthood.

My playlist can have me singing in Spanish then dancing as I'm hyped up from rap songs and Afrobeats. Then before I know it I’m feelin like I’m in the Caribbean and unwinding to slow jams.

My top played songs by these artists are:

Nena by Melii

High Fashion by Roddy Ricch

Been Calling by Maleek Berry

Malamente by Rosalía

What artists do you have on repeat?

Check out the song below for a relaxing, yet upbeat Island beat

Confidence by Raye featuring Maleek Berry and Nana Rogues 🎶

This song almost made the list as my top played song in Maleek Berry's category, but since the song is technically by Raye and Maleek Berry is a featured artist, I decided to go with a different song for him. That song is my go-to song for when I dance, drive, go on walks, clean, host game night with friends...basically it's just one of my go-to songs for any occasion. I hope it treats you as well as it's treated me!

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