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Finding Your Footing in a New City

In a new city and don't know anyone? I've been there. It can be challenging to find your footing and get grounded. Here's some tips to help you get adjusted to your new space and own the city like a pro!

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Get a library card

I haven't always been a bookworm. If you had told me in high school that years later I'd be listing a library card as a staple in a new city, I would have laughed. So those that aren't book lovers, I hear you, but don't write me off just yet. You don't have to be a fan of books to reap the benefits of a library card.

Libraries have more than just handheld books. There's audiobooks, digital copies of books, games, movies, music...and it helps signify to others that you're local. Sometimes museum and local businesses give discounts to locals if they can show they're a resident of the city. Only local residents can get library cards. If you flash 'em that card, BAM, instant discount.

Create a music playlist

Nothing gets me more adjusted to a new city than a solid playlist. Whether driving down the street, exploring the city on foot, or simply just chillin' in your room a new playlist can help you get grounded. I tend to correlate songs with time periods of my life. Early Drake music? High school. Aaliyah? Childhood. Nipsey Hussle's Victory Lap? My first year living in NYC.

Find 'your spot' & research local events

Local events that are interesting to you are the perfect way to meet new likeminded people...safely. Meeting new people in a public setting is definitely my preferred method of meeting people. Local book club gatherings, coffee shop spoken word events, library community events...whatever you're into, there's likely an event for it. Those are the kind of events I love attending and meeting new people. It's easy to make conversation because I've already got at least one topic in common with the people there--it saves me from small talk about the weather.

**Bonus Points if you attend an event at one of your favorite hangout spots 😊**

Be honest with yourself about feeling homesick

We all get homesick sometimes, don't be ashamed to call home and tell your loved ones you miss them. There were times where I'd see my loved ones hanging out and miss my hometown. Keep your spirits high by remembering that you all will connect again one day, and soon have roots in your new city! Your new city will feel like home in no time.✨

Check out the song below for a Wonder-ful😉 jam about moving to higher ground

Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder 🎶

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